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Gothia Cup2019 in Sweden

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Join the Gothia Cup 2019!

What is Gothia Cup?

The world's largest and most international youth football tournament.
About 1,700 teams from 80 countries participate and play 4,500 games in 110 fields.

Official HP: 

The purpose of overseas expedition is "international exchange"

It is an opportunity to have a serious match with an overseas team at an away place called overseas in the official match.

There is also an opportunity to use English by having communication with non-Japanese players and tournament management staff at opportunities other than games (such as lodgings, food venues, and various events during the tournament). You have the opportunity to experience the difference.

Why join the Gothia Cup?

I can feel relieved

Gothia Cup is a wonderful, historic event that runs tournaments across the city.
The ability to play and interact with teams from many countries in a single tournament, and against the fear of being overseas, means that you can manage the tournament by raising the city during this tournament, so you can feel safe.

Low entry fee

As you can stay at school and prepare everything about meals, you can participate at an exceptional price for overseas expeditions.


Players participating in the opening ceremony in front of approximately 50,000 people

What I felt when I participated in Gothia Cup 2017

Think about your country

There are also encounters with parents in Japan and there are also scenes where people speak in Japanese in the city. In addition, Japanese people in the area will take a big day-rounded circle and visit for support of the game.

In these encounters and conversations, players can have a moment to think about Japan.

Fight with the Hinomaru on your back! If you stand on the pitch with a motivation that you can not think in everyday life and ask, “I studied abroad in Japan,” I will draw out knowledge about the culture and tradition about that area.

You can definitely have the opportunity to think about something you have never experienced in Japan.

Space where you can interact with nature and international

Accommodation will use the local school (vacant for summer vacation).

About 5 teams will stay in one school, but their age and gender will fall apart.

The school I stayed last time has futsal court size artificial grass pitch, which is a free space.

Although it has been affected by the white nights and it is often bright until 23:00, the sense of time is often lost, but after the tournament game is over, each team returns to the accommodation and kicks the ball freely in free space. Then the game will start naturally among the players of each team and it will heat up. There is a space where you can experience "football is a common language of the world".

Security is good

A large-scale tournament with over 1700 teams from 80 countries, very safe in the city where nearly 40,000 people gather. Furthermore, the large number of local volunteers is also amazing. During the tournament, you should always see the players of the participating teams in the city.

The security of such a city was very safe, and although there were players who actually left behind, they returned safely without any problems (very rare in overseas expeditions).

The hospitality of the hotel was that the local staff (or volunteers) contacted the convention office and had already made arrangements for the notification of lost items.

It is a huge asset to be able to experience learning in a safe environment, being cautious abroad.

Buses and trams can be used free of charge

Local security can be used in other situations as well.

For example, buses and trams (public transports) that travel to the city can be freely taken by participants, so they can go anywhere.

In addition, the route itself is very kindly guided (a signboard dedicated to the event is displayed, and the driver will also teach you), so players can move as they would in Japan. If you make a mistake, don't worry, most drivers will tell you kindly.

You can experience the feeling of being a little adult by being able to experience (safety) while being pounded and tensed only by ordinary bus movements, which is a non-daily use that does not pass Japanese at all, and a desire for English learning is born.

Dedicated application

When it becomes the world's largest grassroots football tournament, a dedicated app is also prepared, and the contents are also very substantial.

Even parents who can not go to the field can check the game results immediately.

Event schedule

8 nights and 10 days from July 13 (Sat) to 22 (Mon) (the meeting period is 14 to 20 days)
July 13 (Saturday) Narita Airport departure-Helsinki (Finland)-Local Gothenburg (Sweden) arrival
July 14 (Sun)-20 (Saturday) Gothia Cup Tournament Period
July 21 (Sun) Gothenburg departure
Arrival at Narita Airport on July 22 (Mon)

Participation results at AFC Chigasaki

Joined 2 years ago (Gothia Cup2017)

Opening point

Date: July 13 (Sat)-22 (Mon), 2019
Airlines: Finnair Finnair
Accommodation: Local school / event: Gothia Cup2019 ※ AFC will participate as Chigasaki
Recruitment: Junior high school 1 to 3 grade / Number of applicants: Up to 9 people
Lead: Daisuke Ito, Yuichi Oguma (both AFC Chigasaki staff)
※ Conference staff will also be on site locally.
Planning: AFC Chigasaki
Organizer: Nishitetsu Travel Co., Ltd.

Gothia Cup2017 Gallery

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